Architecture Design Company in Dubai- Expectations From Your First Interior Design Meeting

Dubai has an exemplary architecture with a unique design. It’s an outcome of proficient minds and creative thinking. When you see the space that’s going to be your home, you visualize all the ways you can design it. We’re loaded with ideas in our minds but don’t have the execution roadmap. That’s when the role of an interior designer comes in. Skilled professionals hold the power to turn your dreams into reality. The emirate is a hub of leading architecture consultants. When you go for the first meeting with an architecture design company in Dubai, you are extremely inquisitive. 

You can list down all your questions and queries to discuss with your space designer. Besides, you may do some background checks and refer to the portfolio to get a clear picture of their style of working. 

The Preferences

On your initial engagement with your interior design consultants, the focus will be on your design preferences. It’s essential to do your homework before the first meeting. Sort out your choices. Explore different social media platforms including Pinterest and have certain pictures and ideas that align with your taste. 

Emphasize the smallest of the details and how you want different areas of your house to be. The interior of your living space is crucial in deciding the ambiance of the space. Describe to your designer about the kitchen, the washroom, the living hall, the porch, the working space, etc., that you imagine with the help of reference pictures. 

Communication is The Key

Establish detailed communication with your interior designer team. While designing your space, the designer must be crystal clear on what you want from them. Share your imagination and ideas with them and they’ll present you with similar designs to make sure that’s what you want. 

  • Discuss the Budget-

Decide on your budget before you pick up a designer for your space. You need to go for an affordable designer to avoid any future hassle. While choosing an interior consultant the cheaper options don’t need to be only good as you might be compromising with the design and work. Present a budget outline so that your designer can present to you the best layouts within that frame. 

  • Timeframe-

Talk with your designer about the start date of the project with an estimated deadline of the project. A defined time frame lets you avoid any hubbub and unpredictable costs that might be incurred due to the extension of project dates. 

  • Flexibility-

Discuss whether your space designer is comfortable with the instant changes during the execution of the project. They must ben’t rigid and understand your requirements. 

Redefining Your Space

The designer will have a look at your existing decor and home accessories. This aids them in understanding your psychology. Also, they explore how they best use the present furniture pieces. They can use the existing inventory to refurbish it and dip it in new colors that match the new theme. 

Most of the top interior design services believe in making the best out of existing possessions. It’s budget-friendly and if the items are in good condition, then there’s no point in getting rid of them. They mix and match and experiment with different ideas, which results in the finest of designs. These modifications avoid any wastage and save money.

Your Way Of Living and The Design

Your lifestyle influences the design. During the first meeting, your designer will have a good glance at your space. This will give them an understanding of how you want your space to be. You can expect questions regarding the number of people residing in the home, and the footfall at the parties you host at your home, if any. They might also ask about the reason you’re looking to redesign your space in case of renovation. 

There’s a discussion on a variety of topics that gives your designer a good idea about your expectations from them. They ask you about what you wish to accommodate in your space like, the walk-in cabinets, a garden, a gym, a pool, a guest room, a personalized library, a working space, etc. These are important for them to understand your vision about your space. 

The Aesthetics

The designer would want to know about how you want to tone your space. The aesthetic of the space refers to a combination of decor, color, tone, etc., that defines the aura of the space. A pleasing visual greatly impacts the psychology of the people living in that space. The aura is decided by various factors. For example, if you prefer a cozy environment, you prefer warm tones like warm white, beige, caramel, olive, etc. The loud colors like bright orange, yellow, electric blue, etc., define the energetic ambiance. 

Similarly, the furniture pieces also add to the aesthetics of the space. If you want a traditional outlook, the designer experiments with vintage decor pieces and classic designs. Whereas, when you demand for a modern touch, they choose the articles that give you a contemporary vibe. 

Wrapping Up

When you choose a space to make your home, you want to do the best. Many famous interior designers in Dubai are known for providing you beyond your imagination. It’s always good to trust professionals as they have the technical knowledge and with critical and innovative thinking, they give the best outcomes. 

Try and plan subsequent meetings with your interior designer as it’ll keep you in the loop. You can get the status of your project and an estimated completion date. Have a detailed written contract and carefully read all the details. This will avoid any future troubles. Apart from communicating your expectations to your designer, a first meeting is also an opportunity for you to analyze their professionalism, their soft skills, and how patient and open they are to your ideas. You can prepare a Pinterest mood board that showcases various designs similar to what you want. It makes the procedure easy and the interior designer will be able to better satisfy you with the work due to clear communication of ideas. 


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