Interior Design Ideas by Best Interior Design Firms that Make Your Room Appear Bigger

Even though interior design is frequently thought of as a means of enhancing a space’s aesthetic appeal, it plays a much bigger role in making the first impression. The moment an individual enters a room, proper interior design decisions by the best interior design firms can arouse emotions, draw attention, and leave a lasting impression. It can also provide the illusion of larger space in limited areas. 

The living room serves a variety of purposes in the house, from viewing films to hosting guests, so it should be both aesthetically beautiful and as comfortable as possible. Use these interior design techniques offered by luxury interior design companies to maximize space and create a chic and cosy area, if your living room feels congested and claustrophobic.

Create an Open-Plan Design

Design an open floor plan that incorporates the kitchen, dining area, and living room. To visually divide areas without dividing them in real, utilise semi-open partitions, glass separators, rugs, or even planters in place of walls.

Extended Wall Mirror Reflects More Area

Mirrors might be your greatest ally when it comes to creating a room that feels spacious. A full-length wall mirror is a fantastic way to add height and width to any area, as suggested by interior companies in Dubai. They are a more flexible choice than we may think. In addition to drawing attention to itself in a tiny space, it is crucial for optimising natural light throughout the entire space.

The space feels bright because of the long shape. A full-length mirror can be positioned beside the dining table or behind a sofa set. As the mirror reflects light into the space, it appears larger and more airy.

Keep Minimal Interior Décor and Avoid Clutter

Less is more when it comes to interior design in little apartments. An overcrowded room looks unkempt and conveys the idea of the room being busy and crowded. If you want the room to look spacious, get rid of all the extraneous objects and accessories.

The key to creating the impression of a large space is to keep the area neat and organized. When working in tiny spaces, establish a central point. For instance, a table in the dining room, but in the bedroom, the bed serves as the main feature.

Choose Paint and Color Wisely

Colors may greatly increase the cozy atmosphere of tiny spaces by giving the impression of a larger area. The appropriate contrast and depth may be added to a room with the right use of bright and dark hues, which will also make the area appear comfortable and large.

It is not always the case that small rooms have an exact square or rectangular shape; instead, they can be narrow in one direction and wide in another. To make the small walls appear broader, paint them in one or two hues of a somewhat darker color. Additionally, it conveys the idea of a square area.

In addition, interior companies in Dubai paint spaces using different techniques to increase their level of comfort. These include painting the room in a single shade to provide a warm, cohesive look. You can also use vertical stripes to create the illusion of height and horizontal stripes to create a broader, more open area.

Rugs Give a Positive Makeover

Another great way of creating the impression that a space is with rugs. However, you should choose a minimalistic approach! Beautiful rugs provide a cozy vibe to the room without making it look smaller. Opt for a rug with a straightforward design rather than one with intricate details. Rugs with vertical stripes are a great choice for tiny spaces.

Change Wooden Cabinets With Glass Cabinets In The Kitchen

The most used space in the house is the kitchen. To give off a feeling of spaciousness, it is important to pay attention to the details. Swapping out the wooden cabinets for glass ones is a good way to deceive the eyes into thinking the kitchen is larger.

What happens if glass-door cabinets are used? It continues to flow through the glass, giving the feeling of space, rather than stopping your sight at the cabinet door.

Light Creates the Sense of More Space 

Bring in additional natural light! A room with large windows allows a lot of natural light. This can deceive the eye into believing it is larger than it is. Maintain light colored window coverings to optimize light intake. You can achieve more light by selecting an airy fabric and a light hue. 

Apart from this, mirrors are a reliable source of light reflection in any space. A mirror next to a window reflects the outside world and adds more light and brightness to the space.

Introduce Multi-Purpose Furniture Pieces

Select furniture that can be folded up when not in use, like ottomans that fit under consoles or nested tables and stools. Having a couch bed comes in useful when you have visitors. 

Wrapping Up

We’ve provided some original suggestions to help you make your house appear larger than it actually is. There are certain luxury interior design styles in Dubai that you can implement to make any area appear larger.

Once you give these simple tips a try, you’ll realize how much the little things add to the overall look and feel of your home. We at Beyrac Architects implement modern designs and technology to create well-lit interior spaces that make your house appear spacious and comfortable. We have more than 20 years of international experience and are committed to providing optimised solutions for your interiors. 

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