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As a division of ACI (Architecture Concepts), we are an international firm specializing in modern design, sustainability, and high technology. Join us in our journey to embellish the future world.

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Founded in Beausoleil, France, Beyrac Architects has become a symbol of innovation and excellence. Led by Architect Sawsan Beyrac, our firm hasmanaged significant projects, including the SIGNAL Tower in Paris La Defense. With over 20 years of international experience,we are committed to creating projects of significant architectural value.



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From the luxurious GRANDE WESTWOOD TOWER to the innovative DUBAI 2040 MASTER PLANNING, our projects reflect our commitment to quality, sustainability, and modern design. Explore our award-winning works, including the MEYDAN PROJECT, PEARL HOUSE, and VILLA ROQUE BRUNE.

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Beyrac Architects - the Best Among Architecture Companies for Interiors

Beyrac Architects provides aesthetically pleasing and budget-friendly interior architecture design in Dubai. Interior design is instrumental to the overall look of your place, and thus, you should only go for Beyrac Architects, which is number one among all the architecture companies in Dubai.

The interior design of architecture in your space is determined by several factors, including your own preferences, tastes, and values, as well as other factors like location, the area and structure of the space being designed, budgetary limitations, etc. However, Beyrac Architects is the best architectural design consultancy to get the best architectural design in all cases.

Popular Villa Interior Design Themes

As one of the best architecture companies in Dubai, we offer countless villa themes, but the following are some of the most popular ones:


A sleek modern villa theme is one of the most popular themes requested from the top architecture firms in Dubai. The villas have a necessarily minimalist design and make better use of natural lighting and materials like wood and stone, along with clean lines and boundaries. An advantage of minimalist themes for villas is that they make it easy to maintain and clean villas.


Clients approaching architecture companies often confuse modern and contemporary themes for interior design. They are both minimalist and make use of similar elements; however, contemporary designs have more calming colours and textures.


As one of the best architecture companies in Dubai, we also excel in traditional design. Traditional design for villas finds its roots in classic European villas. Traditional designs of villas make use of conventional elements like fireplaces.


As its name suggests, the theme makes use of rough, rustic elements like wood, stone, leather, iron, etc. The resultant aesthetic makes it a popular choice among many clients approaching architecture companies. One of the most beautiful aspects of this theme is that it only grows more aesthetic over time.


A popular theme, especially for luxury villa entrance design, the tropical theme finds its inspiration from tropical forests and thus makes use of lush plants, bright colours, and decorative elements that make use of water. Tropical themes result in colourful, natural-looking, and greener villa interiors.


The Mediterranean theme for villa interiors is inspired by villas of the Mediterranean region. The villas feature many elements similar to warm colours, natural materials, etc., but may also have differences like the absence of water decorations and the use of more extensive outdoor living spaces.


Deeply inspired by Asian cultures, the Asiatic themes tend to have intricate ornamental designs made with natural materials and soothing colours. 


Not so much a theme; it’s more of a combination of different themes and styles.

Please note that this is hardly an exclusive list of themes provided by top architecture firms in Dubai. Apart from that, you can also go for more exotic options or something entirely original for your villa. No matter what theme you choose, ensure it reflects your personality and lifestyle. And don’t be afraid to mix and match different styles to create a unique and personal space.

Perks of Choosing Beyrac Architects as Your Architectural Design Consultancy

The following are some of the countless advantages of choosing Beyrac Architects as your architectural design consultancy:

Best for luxury properties

The artistic and aesthetic aspects of a villa are best highlighted in luxury spaces where there are no budgetary restrictions. It is thus in luxury space design that the full capacity of the best architecture firms is fully explored. Beyrac Architects has always done exemplary work when it comes to designing the interior of luxurious enterprises.

Best for luxury villa entrance design

Entrances are often the face of residential spaces, and a   luxury villa entrance design is the best way to display the beauty of the villa fully. Beyrac Architects offers a plethora of options for luxury villa entrance design in your space.

Best designers

Beyrac Architects is home to the best interior designers with expertise in all types of villa designs and themes, as well as a knack for doing everything original. Our interior designers excel at making the best out of materials and constraints in each case.

Customized design options

Beyrac Architects understands that different people envision the interior of their homes differently. Thus, we make active efforts to understand your vision and then turn it into a reality in your villa in the best manner. The first step, in fact, we take is getting to know our clients to have a clear idea of exactly what they want.

Most budget-friendly among the best architecture companies in Dubai

Whether you are looking for a luxury design or a more price-sensitive design, Beyrac Architects is the most budget-friendly and cost-effective among the top architecture firms in Dubai.

Get your villas designed according to theme choice

As one of the top architecture firms in Dubai, Beyrac Architects provides interior design in all types of themes, including modern, contemporary, etc.

Prompt services

The interior design services provided by our architectural design consultancy are prompt and on time. We will get started in time, and while the time required differs from project to project, Beyrac Architects is the fastest.

Holistic services

From luxury villa entrance design to complete overhaul, Beyrac Architects can do everything for you.

Active engagement

As one of the best architecture companies in Dubai, we maintain open communication channels with all our clients, ensuring that they have the last say in every significant decision after we have explained the pros and cons of the alternatives.

Beyrac Architects - the Best Among the Best Architecture Companies in Dubai

We can go on listing the advantages of Beyrac Architects, but it must be amply clear from the above discussion that Beyrac Architects is the best among the top architecture firms in Dubai. Such a unique combination of advantages makes us the irresistible choice as an architectural firm.

So, you can stop researching for the perfect architecture companies as you have already found one for all occasions. Get in touch with Beyrac Architects if you need the services of an architectural design consultancy.

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